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Customer Notice Regarding Autumn / Winter, Dog Coats & Fleeces

Good afternoon,

As we are now heading into the autumn / winter period, we are once again facing the prospect of more rainy days and colder temperatures at THE BARK PARK. Inevitably, this unfortunately means that our fields are bound to become muddy in some areas, therefore we will be required to begin washing all dogs before collection times each day in our on-site cleaning station.

As we are sure you can understand, since we are operating at full capacity most of the time, washing all the dogs in our care can be a time-consuming process. Particularly, dogs who are larger, and those who have longer coats, can take a considerable amount of time to wash and dry.

Following on from last winter, we previously asked all customers if they could provide their dogs with a suitable winter coat / fleece.

For many, those who were wearing a coat or fleece only required to have their legs and bellies washed, as opposed to their full body. They also kept the dogs in a much cleaner and drier condition overall at the end of the day.

We would like to request all our customers to provide their dog(s) with a suitable winter coat or fleece for the autumn/winter period. These were a huge help to us last winter and proved to be a great solution to making our washing processes take much less time. And of course, less time washing means more time for the dogs to play and enjoy themselves outside whilst staying warm and dry!

If you don’t currently own any of these, please see below our recommendations:

1) EQUAFLEECES - These are warm, water-repellent breathable fleece garments which, from our experience, prove to be the best solution for protecting dog's fur from the mud. They keep them surprisingly clean and dry, covering not only their bodies but also most of their legs as well, which can help us greatly when washing them.

2) Alternative dog coats - If you would prefer a dog coat to a fleece, please see the attached links below as examples of suitable waterproof dog jackets:

Shop local - If you would prefer to purchase a dog coat or fleece locally, what better reason to support other local businesses just like ourselves!

Here are some local businesses who each sell suitable dog coats & fleeces:

Ribble Valley Paws -

Ribble Valley Animal Feeds -

The Lancashire Dog Company -


We would just like to remind our customers that if your dog is one of those that really doesn’t like to be out in bad weather, we don’t want you to worry. We have our large 60ft x 30ft indoor play barn with wide amounts of indoor space. We have this space available and open for dogs to use at all times.

We would also like to add that on particularly bad weather days, we will be required to reduce the number of dogs that we will be able to have on certain days. Availability for these days will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore we recommend any bookings for day care be made with us in advance.

We really appreciate your understanding and thank you for your custom. Roll on summer!

Kind regards,


E: M: 07864 840302

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