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Hire A Field

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Hire A Field

There's no better dog walking location in Whalley that is safe, secure, easy to access and enjoyable for dogs and their owners. 


 Select your desired service below and book your slot today!

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What's a Paw Party?

Do you have your pet's birthday coming up? 

As dog owners understand, our pets are like our own children to us. They are part of the family, and so they deserve to have their special day celebrated like everyone else!

THE BARK PARK are proud to offer a special service for those wanting to hire our fields for a birthday or any other special occasion involving their dogs. A PAW PARTY is for groups with 5 or more dogs up to a total of 20. They have a longer time slot of 2 hours, meaning a plentiful amount of time is on offer for you to make the most of our fantastic facilities, and make your day more memorable.


Benefits of a PAW PARTY

  • Increased time slots up to 2 hours.​

  • Freedom to socialise your dogs without the worries of other unfamiliar dogs, other people or distractions.

  • Hassle-free process. Hire online, arrive at your time slot, enter your field, have fun!


Every booking for a PAW PARTY receives a free dog birthday kit including everything you need for your birthday party including birthday bunting, bandana, party hat & more. Simply collect your free birthday kit on arrival at THE BARK PARK. A special email detailing this kit and where to collect it will be sent to you upon booking your Paw Party. 

PLUS every client who books a PAW PARTY will receive a discount code for 20% OFF a private dog walk booking at THE BARK PARK.

About Our Fields

All About Hiring Our Fields

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Our secure four acre riverside location is the best place in the Ribble Valley for your own exclusive dog walking. Let your dog(s) make the most of our wide open spaces whilst enjoying plenty of play and exercise - all without the worries of traffic, other dogs and other people.


Hiring one of our fields couldn't be easier! Simply click the 'Book Now' link above on your chosen field to check our availability and book a 55 minute slot. Payment can be made easily and securely online via PayPal.

The whole of THE BARK PARK site, even including the car park, is fully enclosed with high quality fencing measuring 6ft 2 inches and taller.  Some areas of our site have fencing up to 8ft tall. 

Our fields use a double gate system, providing an extra layer of security for your dog(s).

Our site has been inspected by the Ribble Valley Borough Council and successfully approved for meeting all the required standards. 

THE BARK PARK has its very own range of of purpose built agility equipment for dogs. Whether it may be playing on the see-saw or in one of the agility tunnels, THE BARK PARK has something for every type of dog!

Field one in particular has access to the river Calder which is one of the unique benefits THE BARK PARK has to offer. Dogs absolutely adore swimming time in the river!

We believe simplicity is the key to an enjoyable, stress-free experience.


We allow all customers to book themselves and pay for a slot online.


Upon booking, you will receive an email providing you with all the necessary information you need in order to focus on spending quality time with your beloved pets.

We have a choice of two fields available for you to hire for your own exclusive use.

Each of our fields are fully enclosed with solid opaque fencing between them for minimal distractions and picnic benches for you to use and enjoy. What's more, you can bring along up to four dogs on a private dog walking booking. For those wishing to bring along more than four dogs, the option to book a paw party of up to 20 dogs is available for one great price.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I am using THE BARK PARK for the first time, is there any important info I need to know?​
    ​Upon every field booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email which has all the relevant information that you need know when hiring our fields. It provides specific instructions including directions, helping you to have a seamless, stress-free experience.
  • Is THE BARK PARK secure?
    Absolutely. In fact, the whole site is secured by 1.9m high mesh fencing. Each field also has it's own 1.9m fencing and security gates. Our car park is also gated meaning that you can load or unload your dogs from your vehicle without any worries at all.
  • How tall is your fencing?
    Most of the fencing around our site is 1.9m high (approx 6ft 3 inches). Some areas of our site has fencing up to 8ft high. Please note that any dogs that can jump over fences 6ft or higher must have the necessary precautions taken by the owner to prevent their escape. THE BARK PARK cannot be held responsible for any escaped dogs as a result of them being able to jump over a fence 6ft or higher.
  • Will there be other people there when I have booked a field?
    As we hire two fields out at the same time, there sometimes may be somebody else in the adjoining field. However, the fences between these fields are boarded, so dogs cannot see through them and won't be bothered by any distractions.
  • How many dogs can I bring?
    For private field hire, you may only bring along the maximum number of dogs as stated on your service / field hire booking. If you would like to bring more than 6 dogs, please contact us so that we can arrange your booking for you. Alternatively, booking a 'Paw Party' may be the relevant option for you.
  • Are there any toilets on-site?
    Yes. There is a portable toilet close to the car park area, available for customers to use.
  • Do you allow XL Bully's on THE BARK PARK when hiring a field?
    Yes. We do allow XL Bully dogs for field hire, under the condition that they are muzzled and on a secure lead when in the public areas of our park (public areas being the car park and pathways leading to the secure field). Once inside the secure field, no muzzles or leads are required.

Important Information

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The following is important information and serves as our terms and conditions for hiring and using our fields.  ​ During winter months, our fields may become muddy. We advise that you bring wellies and suitable clothing, but we urge caution to be taken on as some areas may be slippery during periods of extreme rainfall.  Your pet(s) must be kept in the field relevant to your booking. This excludes 'Field One', where field users can access the River Calder via the gate at the far end of the field.  THE BARK PARK, cannot be held accountable for any injuries or accidents that may occur to any persons or animals whilst on-site and using our park and facilities. Although we have taken great care in regards to health and safety to make our park as safe as possible for both persons and animals, it is the sole responsibility of the field user to take the necessary precautions and reasonable care for themselves and their dog(s) whilst using our park. We strongly urge all users to use a common-sense approach when using the river, and to consider the water levels and overall safety for yourselves and your dog(s) at all times. Access to the River Calder is granted at the customer's own risk. THE BARK PARK cannot accept any responsibility for any incidents in relation to the field users accessing the River Calder. At no other time can the number of dogs relevant to your booking exceed the limit stated. Any persons found to have knowingly exceeded the limit of dogs relevant to their booking will be asked to leave their park, and / or may be banned from making future bookings. Other persons may accompany and share your exclusive field hire session, however the dog limit must NEVER exceed the limit stated on your booking.  Dog waste MUST be picked up at all times. There are multiple dog waste bins around the park for the disposal of such waste. Our park is inspected on a regular basis, and at any time. Any persons found to have not collected any/all dog waste may be banned from making any future bookings.  Please ensure you have received your booking confirmation email before making your visit. If you have not received the email, please check your junk email folder, or contact us. All field hire users MUST leave their booked field upon the end of their booked session. There is a 5-minute buffer time between sessions, allowing reasonable time for users to leave their booked field in time for the next user.  On rare occasions, staff members of THE BARK PARK may need to access a particular area of the park for particular reasons. Although our staff intend to keep any disturbances and distractions to a minimal, we encourage all field users to be aware that sometimes staff members may be present on-site.  Our secure car park MUST be locked and secured at all times. THE BARK PARK, however, cannot accept any responsibility for any damage/theft/loss/etc, of their vehicle or its contents whilst in our secure car park. ​ Any instances where any parts of THE BARK PARK have found to be damaged (such as the ground, fencing, equipment, etc) following a field hire session, THE BARK PARK, depending on the severity, may seek to recover the costs for the repair of such damages from the customer.   Anything found to be damaged, broken or potentially hazardous MUST be reported to THE BARK PARK at the first instance.  ALL agility equipment is for DOG USE ONLY. No children are allowed to use or play on any of the dog equipment for health and safety reasons.  Water is available on-site for your dog to drink, however, it must be noted that our site does not have a connection to a mains water supply.  Some areas of THE BARK PARK do have inspection covers on the fields. These are managed by United Utilities. On a very rare occasion, United Utilities may need to access these covers for routine inspections, or for in case of emergencies.

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