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Licence No. AW3830  Est. 2022

We Are Pads For Pooches

Pads For Pooches is a professional dog home boarding service based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. We work in close association with THE BARK PARK to provide high quality services and a desirable alternative to dog kennels.

We understand how unnerving it can be to leave your beloved pet in the care of someone else whilst you are away, therefore we are very selective in who we recruit as a home boarder.


Our home boarders provide bundles of love and care for your pet as if it were their own. They are experienced dog lovers, fully DRB checked, council licensed and insured, giving you piece of mind that your beloved pet is in the very best of hands. 

We know all of our home boarders on a personal level, and take careful consideration into which home boarder is the best match for your dog(s).


You can meet your pet's home boarder prior, to their stay, and you will receive photos and/or videos of your pet(s) showcasing everything they have been up to for your piece of mind.

As we are partnered with THE BARK PARK in Whalley, your pet can be dropped off or collected from THE BARK PARK along with all of their belongings. 

We understand that your pet's welfare is of the utmost importance. With Pads For Pooches, you can enjoy your dream holiday or focus on your work away from home without any worries, all whilst having piece of mind that your pet is being cared for with the same level of love and affection you provide them with yourself! 

If this is something that interests you, then we would love to hear from you!

Please email:

Or alternatively, please contact us on: 07568 327939, or via the contact form at the bottom of this page. 


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Pads 4 Pooches Logo Chosen.png

Meet Some Of Our Home Boarders

Is Home Boarding Right For My Dog?

  • Stress-free Experience - Home boarding is designed to provide your pet(s) with the most comfortable experience possible, with professional care provided by dedicated home boarders which dogs and owners trust. 

  • Familiar Home Amenities - Our home boarder's homes are assessed directly by us, ensuring their suitability in providing only the best home environment for any dog. 

  • They Make New Friends - We believe a healthy relationship between a dog and their home boarder is paramount. In fact, many dogs become good friends with our home boarders, so much so that they remember them the next time they come to stay!


  • Judith is a lifelong dog lover & owner. Dogs bring her so much joy that she adores spending time with them and caring for them, and eagerly looks forward to meeting her next doggy guest.

  • In particular, Judith develops an obvious friendship with each dog she looks after. It's heart-warming for us and our clients to see them remember her right away from the last time she took care of them.

What Our Clients Say

R. Wilson, Winston & Willow

"Highly recommended such a lovely home boarding service. My dogs went Friday - Sunday and had an absolutely amazing time with Luca and his family. Both my dogs were well cared for and nothing was too much trouble. I got regular updates and photos of the dogs to keep me informed on how they were both settling in. Would use again for sure. Both my dogs are absolutely shattered from there weekend away and play days at the bark park. Thank you so much again for the care you gave Winston & Willow. Both dogs have had an amazing time with you and fast asleep on the sofa now.

More than a 5 star service"


We provide professional home boarding pet services, covering the Ribble Valley area.


Your pet is our #1 priority

About Pads For Pooches
Become A Home Boarder

Become A Home Boarder

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Become a
Pads For Pooches
Home Boarder

Benefits of Being A Home Boarder

  • Companionship & company - Great for improving your wellbeing and combatting loneliness.

  • Great work deserves great reward - We offer fairly competitive rates of pay. 

  • Make new friends - Many dogs become good friends with our home boarders, so much so that they remember them next time they come to stay. 

  • Variety - All dogs have their own personalities and quirks. No dog is ever the same, meaning you are bound to make some everlasting memories. How exciting!

There is no better form of companionship than what is provided by a dog. 

Are you an experienced dog person, who absolutely adores spending time looking after dogs like we do, but wouldn't currently like the full time commitment that comes with pet ownership?

We are continuously looking to expand our team of professional, trusted home boarders. As you will be able to reap all the rewarding benefits that dog companionship brings, this could the pawfect opportunity for you! 

The Criteria

Along with being a dog lover, ideal candidates must be physically fit in terms of being able to walk a dog and experienced enough to provide a professional standard of care for them. 

Suitable candidates could be those who are retired, work from home, or with enough free time to accommodate a dog in their home when required. Candidates must have a reasonably sized home (excluding flats, holiday homes, etc) with its own  reasonably sized secure garden. 


We maintain close relationships with all our home boarders, and are always on hand to lend guidance and support. We handle all the paperwork such as insurance, licensing and bookings so you can completely focus providing top-quality care for our client's pooches. 

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Contact Us For More Information

FAQ's & Contact

Contact Us

For any enquiries, please email

or please contact us on 07568 327939, or via the contact form below.

Get in touch with us

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