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Do you have any planned time away from home with work commitments? Or perhaps you and your family are jetting off on a dream holiday, but are struggling with making arrangements for the care of your beloved pet(s) and your home?

We can surely help!

We at THE BARK PARK are proud to offer our very own range of house sitting services, covering a wide variety of animals.

House Sitting For Dogs


We understand that many dogs can become unsettled when placed into somebody else's care in an unfamiliar location. The beauty of using house sitting as an alternative to boarding kennels is that your dog(s) will remain in their own home, in their usual spaces and surroundings, helping them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  

Our staff adore dogs. They work with them on a daily basis and are proud dog owners themselves. They know exactly what makes a dog tick, and take pride in providing the very best standard of care for them - that's why they work for us!


  • Our services are closely linked to THE BARK PARK in Whalley, meaning we only use our very own staff members. Our staff members are highly trained and experience in dealing with a wide variety of animals and are fully DBS checked for your piece of mind.

  • Unlike many other house sitting providers, your dog will be able to attend many fun-filled days at THE BARK PARK, with all day care costs fully included in the price of our service. 


We fully understand that the safety and security of your pet AND your home is one of a house sitter's main priorities. You can put your mind at ease knowing that our competent and trustworthy staff members will always take the necessary steps to fulfil these responsibilities. 

We are also fully insured for both pets and homes.


We aim to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, and aim to make the whole process as seamless as possible.


Before the commencement of the house sitting, your house sitter will meet with you at your home to discuss your arrangements and get to know you and your pet(s) on a personal level. 

Your house sitter will provide you with their contact details, so you both keep in contact at any time throughout the house sitting period. 

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We don't just offer house sitting services for dogs, we also cater for other animals, including:


  • Horses

  • Cats

  • Chickens & Ducks

  • Rabbits

  • Fish

  • Exotic Animals

  • Others

Our expertise also covers many other animal types. Whether you have an elegant horse or a stunning Komodo dragon, you can trust us to care for your pets as if they were our own.

Be sure to contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

House Sitting For Other Animals

Pricing Information

Please click the link below for our house sitting pricing information.

Contact Us

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For any enquiries, please contact Janet on 07864 840302.

Alternatively, please email Janet via:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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